Shooting with Soul Challenge: Glimpse of You

This week, the exercise included taking a photo of myself. But more than that, showing you a glimpse of me.

At the beginning of each week, I sit down with a cup of coffee (that cup was handmade by our sweet friend, Jada) and plan our week. I gather our various schedules and make sure they are in one place and to refresh my memory to what commitments we have. I plan our meals, the grocery list, and I plug in my running schedule where it fits.

There are some weeks that I feel I'm too busy to take the hour or so it takes to make the schedule, meal plan, and grocery list. Those are the weeks that often blow up, in a matter of speaking. Things get forgotten, lunch for the kids is whatever I can find rather than balanced, dinner is either picked up by Chad on his way home from work, or is less than desirable. And I just feel on edge. Because we have had too many of those weeks, I now make myself sit down and take the time to organize our life, if only for a week.

A Glimpse of Me.

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