C25k with kids

Last night, after dinner, I took the big kids out for a run. Week 1, day 2 of c25k. I'll tell you what, running with kids is interesting! Noah complained the whole time, and Madison was just slllloooowwwwww. Shoo. But they couldn't have been prouder to tell daddy all about it when we got back home. I know it's hard work, I remember, and as long as I can keep getting them out there, I'll take the complaints as we run. I honestly think they will stop whining as it gets easier.

Here's some tired kiddos (with a certain amount of exaggeration involved! Madison said, "look like your really tired" hahah)


So, my workout on my rest day was 1.96mi in 30 minutes with a run/walk pace of 15:17/mile.

This morning, I ran my normal 3 miles, probably a little faster because it was like 60 degrees out and felt great, so I pushed it harder than I would have in the heat. 3 miles in 31:06, 10:22/mile pace, 26 seconds faster pace than my race on the 4th. Wow. I can't believe it!

Madison is having a belated birthday sleepover and skating party with a few girlies from church, and one of the moms has a boy, so she's taking Noah. Should be fun for all!


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