Off schedule and 5 miles

Over the weekend, little man performed in his first ever play, The Music Man. He had rehearsal Monday through Wednesday until after 11pm, then performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday until after 11 and then Sunday afternoon. We were a tired family!

Here he is looking cute in his band uniform for the last scene!


Friday, I ran 2 miles- mile 1 at 9:33, walked .25, .75 at 10:00. That hurt!

Saturday was an off day since I did speedy miles Friday.

Sunday turned out to be a rest day too! Whoops, I was a tired mama.

Today, I was up for 5 miles on the half marathon schedule. 11:01, 11:25, 11:02, 11:42, 11:36. Finished in 56:40. But it was a night run, instead of morning like normal- I was pretty nervous about it, so I think I put it off as long as possible! Oh and sleeping until 10:30 may have had something to do with it too! Ha! I sure do feel better after my run!


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