Birthdays and first runs

Today was Miss Madison's 9th birthday. Can't believe it's been 9 years. It saddens me. But here she is blowing out her candles at her party Sunday.
Love this girl.

This morning, I got up for my normal 3 mile run before the rest of the world is up. Then, she wanted me to get her up so she could run too. I added another mile walk to my workout this morning, she walked and ran her first official mile. After that we stretched to Yoga For Runners! by YogaYin. A perfect end to the workout. I especially love the rolling at the end.

She wants to be a runner. Next week she'll start c25k, tracking it on her brand spanking new iPod touch! I'll double my workouts and go through it with her. Again. A couple months and we can run together! I'm looking forward to that day, and I hope she loves running as much as I do!

Happy Birthday, Madison! What a beautiful young lady you are becoming. We love you!

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