10 randoms, only 2 about running

1- Happy 11 months to Lydia. Just look at all these cute faces. . .the smile, the clap, the serious, and the "come on mom, take the picture already!"

2- Today, Noah and I were going through his clothes to see what he's going to need for school. Mr. Sentimental could not let go of shirts that are too small (not just a little, blatantly too small!). "But mommy, that's my favorite (fill-in-the-color) shirt". Future hoarder?
3- I have to share my lunch from yesterday, it was soooo yummy. Stuffed zucchini.
I got the idea here, and turned out I pretty much put nothing in mine that was in the recipe.
I cut the zucchini in half long ways, scooped out and chopped the zucchini, I started with a little bit of ranch dressing, mixed the zucchini, 1/2 a red pepper, banana peppers, tomato. Baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. Added some mozzarella cheese in top, baked another 5 minutes. Yummo.
4- On the 11 month day, Little Miss popped a top tooth right on out. What a grouch. I'm planning on no sleep for tonight. Again.
5- Lydia celebrated 11 months in style: sharing an orange Popsicle with her sister:
6- I added our Niagara Falls vacation photo to the rest:

7- I'm in denial about planning a first birthday party.

8- I'm so running a Ragnar Relay in 2014, who's in? I need 11 (ok, I have 1 commitment, so I really need 10)

9- Mom win of the day: Homemade Chicken Strips. Kids loved them.

10- Let's get serious about heart rate monitors. I'm feeling like I like the Wahoo Blue. For these reasons: wristband free, links via Bluetooth to my iPhone 5, can be monitored on Runkeeper- which I'm already using. What do you have? Do you love it? Why?


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