Week Recap

A few weeks ago, my most favorite blogger, Hungry Runner Girl, started doing a weekly recap of her runs, and I pretty much love it. Plus, her sweet girl is almost exactly the same age as Lydia. Bonus.

Monday: long run at the bike trail 6 miles in 1:05:14, 10:21, 10:39, 10:40, 10:58, 11:23, 11:16; 10:50 average pace.

Tuesday: Couch to 5k, week 2, day 1 with the kids 1.96 miles in 31:12, yep speedy. But no complaining :)

Wednesday: 3 miles in 29:35, 10:02, 9:48, 9:48; 9:52 average pace

Thursday: rest, sore calf after Wednesday. I was really feeling sorry for myself when I saw this big ole goose egg:


Friday: not my smartest Runkeeper programing ever, I intended on 1 mile, then 2 minutes walking and .25 mile run 4 times- instead of 2 minutes I programmed 2 miles, so I had do all the math in my head and take screen shots. While running. Yep I'm awesome. . .speed work: 2.04 miles, mile 1 in 8:50, walk .25, run .26 in 1:53, walk .27, run .26 in 1:57.

Saturday: rest

I'm fighting a stinking summer cold, so I took this morning and with the hopes to sleep off some of the sinus headache.

I hope I feel up to 7 miles bright and early tomorrow morning.

In other news, Lydia is THIS close to walking. Makes this mama so sad.

Oh, and grilled cheese using olive oil? Brilliant, try it! I must confess, this grilled cheese is only about 5% cheese, 5% ham, and 90% veggies. So yummy!



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