A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood :)

We spent about 90% of our day outside. I mean it's early August and 75 degrees in the middle of the day, come on, it's a no brainer. Last year, I'm sure it was 40 million degrees, but I was pregnant, so it could have been just me...

We got a few extra minutes with the hubby this morning, since his day started later than usual. That was nice. So was the caramel latté he made me, just sayin'! Love that man.

We hit the library for story time and book picking. I got sad realizing that the next 2 Tuesday's were going to be Noah's last story times. Ever.

After a drive thru lunch, we took an unexpected trip down to the zoo (which, we typically do most Tuesday's, but I was still sore from Monday, so I nixed the trip, but once I got around, I was fine). Oh, and a happy hour slush on the way home!

We finished getting the big kids too small clothes cleaned out and ready for the upcoming school year, maybe a trip to goodwill is in our near future (aka tomorrow?).

Long boring story short, we played at the park- where Lydia tried to sleep in the swing, but was unsuccessful. We ate chicken tacos.

We ran.

Two big kids, and one sore momma completed week 2, day 2. Not without a short pause to doctor a skinned knee. I love the accomplished grins from those 2, as they recount the nights run. Chad walks Lydia in the stroller opposite us, so we cross paths- we love seeing that sweet girl yelling for "bubba" with arms and legs flailing as we round the corner. Love her.

We almost ate an entire family sized box of Lucky Charms today. That's what happens when Kroger has ginormous boxes of Lucky Charms for $2.49, and I have a coupon...

Happy Birthday, Papa!

<photo by: Sarah Baker, Happy Daisy Photography>


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