What is it about food shows...

that make you want to eat? We're sitting here watching an old DVR'd episode of Chopped and all I can think about is what snack I'm going to eat! Of course its not helping that the mystery baskets are full of leftovers. Maybe we should watch something else...

This morning I ran 3 miles in 30:33: 10:06, 9:59, 10:35; average pace 10:11.

Today's run was hard, mentally. For one, I still had tired legs from my long run on Monday. For two, I must have still been sleeping because I messed up my route at the beginning of my run, and didn't realize it until I was rounding the corner home and but still had a half mile to go to finish my miles. Yeah, brutal. Third, starting into mile 3, I had to stop because I was having a coughing fit. Oh and fourth, Little Miss did not have a good night, probably had a small thing to do with the cat nap she caught at like 6pm. As I was finally rounding the corner home, I heard my mom voice talking to myself the same way I talked to the kids last night, trying to get them motivated to finish the last 90 second run. "Come on guys, last run, let's make it count!" and "almost done guys!" Looking forward to tomorrow's run being better.

After a caramel latté a la Chad (have I mentioned I love this man?), and getting him off to work, the kids rode their bikes, and I walked Lydia in the stroller around the neighborhood.

<My little cross trainers!>

The walk got me thinking about cross training and how at 9 and 5, these kids have got the concept without any effort. I pretty much don't cross train. I don't ride a bike. I can't swim. So what's left? What do you do?


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