One foot in front of the other

Today, my legs were heavy. I kept telling myself, "one foot in front of the other, one step at a time". I got up and ran 4 miles in 43:37: 10:39, 10:23, 11:14, 11:14; 10:54 average. AND THEN, since Chad didn't have any patients this morning, I got the kids out for C25k week 2, day 3. Talk about really heavy legs. One foot in front of the other...

Then caramel latté a la Chad (doesn't it look yummy?!) and fluffy pancakes.

And just look at this cutie girl holding court with the Cars.

I needed some basil, so we headed to a local farmers market to check out the selection.

<beautiful basil>

I made pesto with said basil until I ran out of Parmasean cheese and still had basil left. Yeah it was a lot of basil. Guess I'm getting more Parmasean cheese tomorrow.

Dinner with said pesto.


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  1. What a good day! And it all started with one foot in front of the other.