Long weekend, and running buddies

We'll start with Friday: rest day! I finished getting ready for our short trip to visit friends in Michigan.

Saturday, I started with a little speed work: 1 mile in 9:02, 2 minute walk, 1/2 mile in 4:38, 2 minute walk, 1/2 mile in 4:58. That last half mile was a struggle.

I made last minute pesto so my basil wouldn't go bad. And banana muffins or we'd have come home to rotten bananas. . .

<banana muffins>
As soon as Chad got home from work, we headed out for MI. We went straight to services at the local church of Christ congregation to hear a guest speaker who had been there all week. McKinney feat: we made the trip without stopping! With 3 kids, that's saying something!

Sunday morning before services, I ran with one of my oldest friends. 2.92 miles in 30:15 around his "neighborhood", a very conversational pace (he's the most talking guy I know, at 7am was no different!): 10:25, 10:21, 10:20; average 10:22 per mile. I know I slowed him down a lot, but it was nice to chat and run.

We had two very uplifting services and a potluck in between with great food, great association and great singing. It was great to see those I haven't seen for years. And of course it was great see our kids make great friends with kids of our old friends.

<just look at these cuties!>

Today, we had a relaxing morning listening to our kids laugh and play. We had fantastic straight from the farm burgers on homemade buns. I mean WOW!

Since we were away today, I have an extra early 8 mile run in the morning. 10k race early Sunday morning, kinda looking forward to it!

Do you prefer to run alone or with a buddy?

When is your next race?

What day do you do long runs?


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