Week Recap and Race Week (kinda)

This morning, as I rounded the corner home, I have never been so happy to see home. For real.

I logged 8 miles on the half marathon schedule- only 5 weeks to go. I ran around town since Chad had to work today, so I had some hills to deal with instead of a flat straight course meant for foot traffic. Check this out:

8 miles in 1:35:10: 11:42, 11:57, 11:56, 12:06, 11:36, 12:11, 11:42, 11:57; average of 11:53 per mile.

Ironic tidbit: this is the 3rd week in a row I have struggled with mile 6. Not sure how to overcome that obstacle... Although, I think for this week, mile 6 was full of waiting on traffic so I could cross the street and then crossing the street again.

I also did C25k week 3, day 1 with the kids- 1.88mi in 30:18.

Sorry my week recap is so late. It's hard to get into a new habit!

Sunday: rest, I wasn't feeling ultra great, so I stayed in bed

Monday: 7 morning miles at the bike trail, 1:20:26: 11:07, 11:25, 11:23, 11:41, 11:43, 12:13, 10:59; average pace 11:29 per mile

Also, walked 1.84mi with the fam, a slow and leisurely 44:51

Tuesday: C25k week 2, day 2 with the kids- 1.97mi in 34:08

Wednesday: 3mi in 30:33: 10:06, 9:59, 10:35. I wasn't feeling this run, remember?

Mid morning, the kids and I walked (they rode their bikes) 1.32mi in 32:49

Thursday: 4mi in 43:37: 10:39, 10:23, 11:32, 11:02; average 10:55 per mile

C25k week 2, day 3 with the kids- 1.72mi in 30:22

Friday: rest

Saturday: 1mi in 9:02, walk 2 minutes, run .5mi in 4:38, Walk 2 minutes, run .5mi in 4:54.


(Ok, well, my race is technically next week, but it's less than a week away!)

Pretty stoked!

So again, I'm running this 10k:

Here is how I have my week planned out:
Sunday: I planned to rest, but ended up with 2.92 in 30:15.
Monday: rest, morning with friends and afternoon traveling
Tuesday: early 8mi for half marathon training and C25k week 3, day 1 in the evening with the kids
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 miles at 10:30 pace in the morning and C25k week 3, day 2 in the evening with the kids
Friday: 3 miles at 10:30 pace in the morning
Saturday: only C25k week 3, day 3 with the kids (and maybe a popcorn hangover from taking the kids to see Planes)

Big day around our house, school shopping with my mom and teacher assignments came in the mail. We also met new friends at the park, Noah and the little girl got along so so well, and the mom and I had a bunch in common, plus she was so nice!

Random: love these: Oakley's Little Black Dress in plum, my birthday is next month, hint, hint!

<not sure why I'm raising my eyebrows, haha>


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