New glasses and getting ready for back to school

Yesterday, I had a rest day, a little. I mean, I didn't run, the big kids were invited to go field tripping with friends, so we met them at Chad's office to pick up Madison's new specs:

I should have gotten a picture inside...her transitions had already turned. But I'm not about to wake her up! But would you just look at those straight teeth behind those braces, I mean wow!

I decided I should get some stuff ready for back to school.

After Lydia and I grocery shopped, I did some baking and griddling while she napped: 1 short of 3 dozen pancakes (as seen on Painting Sunny), 2 dozen Blueberry Banana Whole Wheat Muffins (as seen on Hungry Runner Girl, love her!), and a dozen muffins and a loaf of Low Fat Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread (as seen on SkinnyTaste). They are all now in my freezer ready to be popped in the toaster or micro for a yummy homemade school day breakfast. Score one for momma! Now to plan a variety of nutritious yet simple packable lunches, any ideas?

This morning, I started with 3 miles in 28:29: 9:28, 9:19, 9:43; 9:30 per mile average. Yeah, a far cry from the 10:30 per mile average pace I had planned for this morning. Two things happened: 1- Chad "challenged" me to finish my 10k Sunday in under 60 minutes, so part of that is a good handle on the first 3 miles, which the adrenaline from what is supposed to be a 700+ runner race between the 10k and half marathon, should get me a pretty good first half time. 2- IT WAS FREEZING this morning, 49 degrees, so it's possible I was trying to stay warm!

We had a great day at the zoo with my mom.

Hello, random mom who stood there for 400 minutes.

Chad grilled us some yummy burgers. And he made fun of me. For having more veggies than meat in mine: I had a pile of baby spinach and banana peppers and he grilled me up some red bell pepper. So yummy.

Tonight was week 3, day 2 of C25k with the kiddos. Madison is really getting into it. She begs every night to run. I'm looking forward to an early morning run with her in the not too distant future.


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