Race Day!

I felt bad about dragging Chad and the kids out of bed at the crack of dawn, but just a little. I caught a glimpse of them as I was starting. And then again about a mile in, after we went around town as we were getting onto the bike trail. But the best part: they were inches from the finish line cheering me on!

The weather was perfect this morning, 60 degrees and sunny. All in all, it was a good race. I didn't finish in an hour, but it will give me something to work towards next time for sure. My official chip time was 1:01:17, average of 9:53 per mile.

I hit it hard coming out of the gate, which was my plan, and then lightened up after mile 3, but lightened up just a little too much, and then I couldn't recover the time lost. My mile splits were: 9:09, 9:21, 8:58, 10:14, 10:52, 10:18; .2 in 2:25 (I think. . .haha- it sure felt a lot faster than that!).

I came in 141 out of 276 for all 10k runners, 77 out of 186 women, and 11 out of 20 women ages 25-29. Finishing at (or under) an hour would have put me in the top 50 women. Yeah. I checked. I'm pathetic.

A big morning, followed by an uplifting worship, a quiet lunch with my little family, maybe a little nap, an equally uplifting worship this evening, and then an end of summer hot dog with our church family. A great day.

I'm skipping my half marathon training run tomorrow, since technically I had a long run today, but I will resume my scheduled 9 miles next Monday.

It's also back to school week! Madison starts 4th grade Thursday and Noah's kindergarten phase in day is Friday. These kids are growing up. It makes this momma sad. I guess, at least I still have Lydia with me. Sadness aside, I look forward to the growth of all of them this year, it will be a big year for all 3. We have a big last week planned: we saw Planes last night, tomorrow we're going bowling, Tuesday we have sewing lessons and then lunch with friends and then our first annual back to school family dinner. Be ready for pictures galore this week!


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