Fun: McKinney Style

Today was the last Monday before school starts, translation: since Chad works Saturday's, it was his last day off before the kids are in school.

We went bowling:

<Noah watching his very calculated roll, he actually ended up with a strike on this roll>

<Madison getting ready to take her turn>

<Lydia cheering on the sibs>

<check out those scores!! Noah rocked it!>

<Lydia clearly had fun>

We ate in. I made baked sweet and sour chicken with fried rice made with leftover brown rice from salmon Saturday.

We went for our last Kolor Kone of the summer. Visit their website, our family is featured and then Miss Lydia a few pictures down. Seriously, you need to go there. But call me so we have an excuse to go too. Best. Waffle. Cones. Ever. For real.

<these kids take ice cream seriously, ok, so does their mom!>

I'm looking forward to running a few easy miles in the morning, burn off some ice cream. . . And then another busy day with my kiddies. Stay tuned :)


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