First Annual Back to School Family Dinner

I can't help but share this cute picture of these girls from this morning, check out the concentration! I love it!

<sewing lesson #1>

I got the idea for the Back to School Family Dinner here. I didn't go ALL out like she did, but I think it still turned out.

We had spaghetti, garlic bread and salad, because its something everyone likes.

Close up of the big signs:

<free printable found here>

<scripture of the school year, just made it in my word processor>

The framed scripture will sit on the mantle, and we will be working on committing it to memory.

<kids place setting, free place card template found here>

The smaller printed scripture will be kept in their possession, I think in the front of their agendas if they have a see through pocket in the front like they had last year (or I could be imagining it. . .), or I'll tape it to the inside flap of their agenda.

<7-up free printable found here>

Yes, we did let them drink their 7-up for dinner.

We talked about the importance of remembering who we are. What's expected at school, as well as at home. I think it went pretty well.

<Miss Lydia enjoyed the spaghetti dinner too :)>

<Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for dessert>

After dinner, we did C25k week 3, day 3. I hope my knee is up for a slow short run in the morning. I'm getting out there even if I have to walk the whole time.

It's the last day of summer break for Madison and meet the teacher's tomorrow night. It should be eventful. I'm choking back the tears as I type.


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