Avoiding injury

What do you do to avoid injury? Stretch? Know you should stretch, but don't, hoping the thinking about stretching will help?

Me? I don't stretch. I was doing yoga after my runs, but I haven't even been doing that as my sleep has been eating into my stretch time.

What sparked this conversation? Well, Wednesday, I started out on my run and literally a quarter mile in, and bam! ankle roll on the inverted curb. Caught myself and bam! tweaked knee. So, I limped home. Defeated.

I got back out there this morning, since both ankle and knee had been feeling fine within a few hours of baling on the run. I took it slow, just in case and wouldn't you know, right at the 1 mile mark, my knee started an ache thing. Sigh. Knee, don't you know I have a half marathon in 50 days? Clearly not.

I found this article on Runner's World. I pretty much think strength training is the way to go. A lot of those exercises don't need extra equipment and seem pretty easy. I'll definitely be looking into those after the long weekend. Problem is, where do I add those into my day?!

As a recap, Tuesday, I ran 3 recovery miles after my 9 miler Monday. My time was 32:53 with splits of 10:40, 10:48, 11:17 average of 10:56 per mile.

Wednesday was a pretend run.

This morning, 3 miles in 32:45 with splits of 10:32, 11:09, 11:02. Let's just say 99% humidity = death warmed over. My knee slowed me down some, but I think mostly it was the humidity. Even though I have been running all summer, this humidity has been pretty much nonexistent, so these are conditions I am not familiar with. I guess I've had it easy.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work on speed. And I think I'm going to try this workout I saw on Another Mother Runner, with warm up of 5 minutes because I don't really want to make 21 entries in runkeeper. I'm lazy like that.

<found here>

In other news:

Yesterday, Lydia and I went to the grocery store while the big kids were at school. I'll save you the boring details. But let me just say I missed my veggies. I ate a whole avocado by myself between lunch yesterday and lunch today. I wanted more for dinner, but refrained from going and buying another one. I didn't want to overdo it. (PS: a month ago, I didn't like avocado. Now I can't live without it.)

<whole wheat tortilla, supremely spicy hummus by Sabra, spinach, turkey, queso blanco, red pepper, avocado, and grape tomatoes. Yum>
Today, I started spending some time at the kids schools, helping out their teachers do things I know they would have to do on their own time. Time away from their families. I enjoyed the time at both schools, but especially Madison's school, where I had a nice chat with the building guidance counselor as I worked through copying and cutting and sorting for Miss M. The best part though? Lydia running to me when I got to grandmas to pick her up. Yes, baby girl, I missed you too.

Oh, and I must tell you about dinner. I started Our Best Bites Slow Cooker Kalua Pork with their Pineapple Mint Pico de Galloo on corn tortillas. Very Hawaiian, I guess. I wouldn't know. I've never been. Can we remind my hubby that my birthday is next month?! Wouldn't a Hawaii trip make a great 30th birthday surprise? Yes, I think so too.

And a picture to make you giggle:

<Lydia. Throwing a fit. Because I wouldn't let her destroy play with Noah's name tag. True story.>