After school pic and 9 miles! Woot!

As promised, this is smiley Noah getting off the bus:

This morning, I ran 9 miles. Around the neighborhood. It took 3 times. Most. Boring. Run. Ever. I'll never do that again. Except today I was glad I did because at mile 5.69, I had an urgent need of a potty break- and I just so happened to be running right past the house. Crisis averted.

Anyway, yesterday's goal pace was probably a little far reached after the little I ran last week, but I tried, and since it is my training, I can change the rules any time, including mid run :) 9 miles total in 1:37:49: 9:59, 9:50, 10:17, 11:09, 10:57, 11:44 (insert potty break here), 10:55, 11:30, 11:24; average 10:52 per mile. If you remember, I ran 8 miles 2 weeks ago (here) in 1:35:10, so today's run being only 2 minutes and 39 seconds longer (with a potty break) made me feel pretty good. I'm sore, so I know I pushed it. It hurts real good!

Miss Madison had school today, Noah had one last day of summer vacation so Chad took him to the pool. Lydia and I tagged along for a little while- but I took her home early for a nap.

<Lydia loved riding in the wagon- this was her first time>
<she loved watching Noah, but did not like to be in the water. Over all, not bad for her first time>
<Noah loves the pool!>

We're sitting here watching the end of the Restaurant: Impossible that was filmed close to us. Then it's bed time, running starts early.


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  1. How adorable. As a teacher it is great to see such a happy face as he got off the bus!