Another first day and run recap of sorts

Friday, Noah started his school career. Kindergarten is scary stuff: away from what you know all day, not to mention with a bunch of people you don't know. They are just babies after all. But this guy was tough!

And so excited to be at school!

<love this cheese face>

When I left him, he was still smiling. So no tears! Better than I could have imagined :)

He got off the bus with Madison with more smiles (which I captured, but my iPad sd converter is in Lydia's room, and she's sleeping, and you dare not enter when she's sleeping, maybe I'll post one tomorrow).

He likes his teacher. Probably (right now) because she's friends with Philip, and Philip is about as cool as one can get to a 5 year old.

It should be a good year for both the kids. Madison is motivated to start the year on the right foot- we'll see how long the organization lasts! Maybe Mrs. S will leave an impression :)

We are looking forward to a great year for both of them. It will be really neat to look back and see how far they have come.


This week, running has been hard. I think a combo of the race on Sunday, the kids starting school meaning a new schedule for me. But this week, I will work hard on getting my runs in, and enjoying them.

Sunday, I ran the Little Miami 10k, in 61:17, average of 9:53 per mile.

Monday was rest day.

Tuesday, the kids and I did C25k week 3, day 3.

Wednesday, I ran 3 miles in 29:45, 9:54 per mile

Thursday, the kids and I did C25k week 4, day 1.

Friday morning, I ran 2.71 miles in 30:03, I walked a lot of that last .71mi. I just wasn't feeling it, so I cut it short. First 2 miles were at 9:59 and 10:08.

This morning, I ran 3 miles in 31:06: 10:10, 9:46, and 11:07; average of 10:21 per mile. My breathing was off today. Like I was breathing like I have never run before. It was crazy.

This week, I am resuming my half marathon training with 9 miles tomorrow morning- my goal is the first 6 miles at 10:00 pace, and slow to 11:00 pace for the last 3. A recovery 3 miles Tuesday morning at 10:30 pace. Wednesday morning 3 miles at 10:00 pace. Thursday morning 3 miles at 9:40 pace. Friday speed work: 1 mile at 8:30, 8x400 at 1:45 each with 2 minute recovery walks in between. Saturday morning 3 miles at 10:00 pace.

It looks like a good plan, but I have trouble sticking with my goal pace. Any tips? I'd love a Garmin right about now :)


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