Goodbye 20s...

As the last day of my 20s draws to a close, I smile!
Nothing extraordinary happened today. Just normal mom stuff. A run. Big kids to the bus. Laundry. 6 loads of laundry. (Insert putting last load into the dryer). Farmers market for fresh produce. Big kids off the bus. Big kids homework. Prepare dinner. Eat dinner. Clean up dinner.

And then this happened:

<yes, I got them all on the first try :)>


And this happened:

<Super excited to run tomorrow!>


And then this happened:

<Ignore nasty husband feet!> <Amalia, I'll save you some!>


This morning, I ran my regular 3 mile route in 28:24, 6 seconds faster than ever before. My splits were 9:48, 9:09, 9:27 for an average of 9:28 per mile.

So, I'm thinking I might need a warm up routine to help that first mile. More than, oh-let-me-open-the-front-door-and-start-running warm up. Google might get a workout tomorrow evening.

I had to change my schedule for Saturday to accommodate an early reservation for birthday date night and other activities planned with my mom and the kids for the daytime. Priorities, you know. So, I'm moving my 12 mile run to Friday during the day, with a borrowed jogging stroller. And thus, upping tomorrow to 5 miles, so I can take it easier Thursday (3.8 miles).


Stay tuned tomorrow for ...Hello 30s :)


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