...Hello 30s

What a smiling day :) 30 isn't so bad! I got all hyped up for nothing :)

I started with 5 miles with my new heart rate monitor. Love it. Not too sure what it's telling me yet, but it was talking to me. And my heart rate stayed steady and high throughout my whole run. That's good, right?

<the dips are me experimenting to make sure it was dipping when it should have>

I am certainly going to have to do some more research on how to accurately determine your maximum heart rate because I *feel* like I was running in a comfortable 75-80% of max range, but based on the average for my age (190), on average it was registering closer to the 91% range. I am for sure getting rid of the heart rate zone audio cue, because I don't think it is right for me. I also think this workout is going on my schedule for Monday, 'cause now I gotta know.

My total time for 5 miles was 52:05 with splits of 10:06, 9:46, 10:10, 11:30, 10:33; average of 10:25 per mile.

After the big kids were off to school, hubby served me birthday breakfast of cinnamon raisin bagel and a peach.

Lunch was a great Cali Wrap at The Nook Café with dear friend Rachel and her sweetie girl. I love watching our girls play- us 30 years ago. Ha!

Now I have important decisions to make. Which Bluetooth Headphones should I get? I'm looking at the JayBird Freedom. Anyone have personal experiences?




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