A week of rest. Some fall fun. A new plan.

First, a huge shout out to friends Lucas & Jana for rocking their half (halves?!) Saturday! Maybe one day we can run one together!


I have taken full advantage of this week of rest and ran a whopping 5 miles, and walked 2.61 miles. Ha!

It was more than just resting my body, since I didn't run the race super speedy. I also needed to rest and rebuild my mind. I feel like I'm ready to jump back in this week- and started the morning off with yoga and then after services and lunch; an easy 5 miles felt good.


Since yesterday was the last Saturday before Halloween, AND costumes aren't allowed at school anyway- I planned for the kids to make pumpkin shirts.

We started with hot chocolate (which, of course, I didn't get pictures of since I was tracing the pumpkins onto their shirts while they with sipping).

<love her smile>
<traces of hot chocolate on the face of concentration>
<Lydia causing trouble>
And the finished projects:
Mom win: overhearing Noah say to Madison, "this was the best day ever".
Check back later in huge week for photos of 3 cuties wearing their shirts. And costumes- momma's got some work to do yet on those...
During this week of rest, I thought about what I wanted my goals to be during the next few months while I'm inbetween training schedules. Working on speed is probably top priority as far as running goes, especially if I want to run a sub-2 half with Elizabeth in April. I think I also want to focus on strength. And a lot of easy miles too. So, I have come up with this schedule:
Each day will start with 8 minute Yoga for Runners by Yoga Yin:

Sunday: 3 easy miles

Monday: alternate between 10 miles and Yasso 800s- I'll start with 4x800 and work up to 8x800, at a goal of 4 minutes per repeat followed by a 4 minute recovery (I read that you can use the same Yasso marathon philosophy with a time goal for a half marathon but double the time essentially)

Tuesday: active rest - strength exercises I can do in my living room

Wednesday: 5 miles at least 10k effort (speed will be slower when pushing BOB)

Thursday: 3 easy miles and strength exercises

Friday: 3 easy miles

Saturday: Tempo - 15 minute warm up and cool down, I'll start with 3 tempo miles and work up to 8 miles

What do you guys think?


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