Off to a good start!

I had a great yesterday at the zoo with these guys (shhhh- don't tell the big kids! They had to go to school, bahahahha):



And a cutie picture of Lydia with her tree, year 1- she's clearly overjoyed:


I am feeling really good with how this first week back to running is going.

Sunday's 5 miles felt really good. I did have some calf trouble, but nothing some additional stretching can't fix.

Monday, I took an active rest day- yoga, and some core exercises. My abs hurt so good, but please don't make me laugh!

This afternoon, I took Miss Lydia out for a run in the BOB. The temp was perfect for me, but maybe a little chilly for her, her hands were freezing! But she seemed happy enough. 3 miles in 30:01; 10:10, 10:06, 9:45- just over 10:00 minutes per mile average. But check out those negative splits! Boom! Followed by yoga.

I am planning a 5 mile run in the morning at 10k effort- which without the stroller should be about 9:20 or 9:30 pace. And then follow up with yoga and maybe some planks.


I'm excited to have signed up for Eat, Run, Repeat's Pile on the Miles Challenge. Click over and follow Monica and join in! My goal is running or walking 100 hundred miles for November. What are you going to do to keep active in November?


I hope you guys are having a great week!


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