Race anxiety & phantom aches?

T-minus 34 hours until race time. I was fine (really, I was!) until this happened:

But this made it better:
Oh, and then I saw the weather for Saturday.
<maybe it'll change, right?!>
Hopefully, I can keep my nerves at bay and have a good run. After all, it's just another long run right?! Just me, my dad and 1200 of our closest friends.


Last week, we added a BOB to our family. It's pretty much awesome.

<Miss Lydia being shy with her cutie piggy tails, I think she likes it>

I ran with it last Thursday for the first time, and it was great- it added time to my pace, but that was ok, it was so light and easy to maneuver.

I thought it would be fine for this weeks easy runs. So Tuesday, Lydia and I headed out. About the half way point (1.5 miles) and my calves, they didn't hurt really, but got really tight. So, I've been stretching them like mad and going light on them (no running), crossing my fingers they are back at 100% for Saturday.

My question is, are my aches real, or race anxiety playing tricks on me?


And I'm happy to have you back in my life coffee friend.


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