Happy November 1st!

Happy fall! It's finally starting to look the part outside.

<morning view at the bike trail>


Even though I had big plans for the week, I took it a little easier and skipped the 5 miles on Wednesday and 3 miles on Thursday.

Today, I did run my planned 3 miles and continued to walk another 2 miles.

AND I rocked yoga this week. AND planks. I know. Who am I?

Next week, it will all come together I'm sure. After all, they (whoever "they" are) say that it takes as many days as miles raced to fully recover. Which is today.


I love these kiddos:

<I have no idea!>


And then there's this girl:

<she loves watching the big kids!>


Who made new goals for November? What are they?

- nothing major- just run or walk 100 miles. . . Yeah- we'll see :)

- and I'm organizing and simplifying my life. Cleaning out. Making (the easy part) and STICKING to schedules. I think this will help me feel a little more in charge of my duties instead of a pawn. So, for the next few weeks, I plan to account for all of my waking minutes- even if it's play (and there will be plenty of play in our day).


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