Kick Monday in the teeth

Hello Monday!

Monday's are usually just an extension of our weekend, since it is Chad's day off. After we got the big kids off to school and took our time eating our breakfast and drinking our latté and playing with Lydia.

And then I headed out for my run. On the schedule today was my first Yasso 800 workout. My goal was to run the intervals in 4 minutes. I warmed up for 15 minutes at 9:54min/mi pace and then 4 half mile intervals (since I wasn't at the track) timed at 3:59, 3:58.5, 4:04, and 4:18. Each interval was followed by a 4 minute recovery walk. I finished up with an 11 minute cool down at 10:20ish per mile pace. All totaling 5.5 miles.

See that? Yeah, I completely choked on that last interval. I wanted another minute to recover after that 3rd interval- I didn't quite have my breath back and thus struggled through every second of the 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

I find it interesting that my legs are not as tired (read sore) as I thought they should be or would be. What held me back on this run was my breathing. Hopefully, as I continue with this workout, I will get stronger and it will get easier.

All in all, I pretty much thought it was a great workout. I look forward to taking the next step with 5 intervals in 2 weeks.

You can read about the Yasso theory here. I have adjusted it to measure my fitness for a goal of a sub 2 half marathon next spring. No special calculations, because of course, reality is a 2 hour half would not equal a 4 hour marathon.

And I'll leave you with these guys:

<behind the scenes Chad was acting out Wreck it Ralph, ha!>


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