T-day week

Here we are the last week of November. How did that happen? And what a month it has been!

In a nutshell:

<costume party>
<best friends like their mamas?!>


<RockStar lunch with Madison>
<a little week night date night Pumpkin and cheesecake gelato>

<a Monday morning run with my side kick (well, I ran, she went on a walk with daddy)>


<this foxy guy joined us too>


<Thanksgiving lunch at school with the cutest boy with bed head>


<And of course: Catching Fire :) yes, we did share with our husbands. thanks for the pic Philip>


So, how are your November goals going?

I've pretty much failed at mine. Numerically anyway. I took some extra rest days after starting/trying a few different exercises, and after running too hard once- but those squats and those 8:40s minute miles were completely worth it.

I also found this yoga video:

It *may* make my mornings happier.

And this one:

Best sleep I've had in months! I pretty much fell asleep on the living room floor.

Yoga with Adrienne has some great foundational videos for beginners, you should check her out.

And for some dynamic warmup to get your blood going before going out into the cold:



What are your December goals?

I would like to up my "everyday" mileage to 5 miles. Realistically, that would be my Wednesday and Friday runs. I will continue to alternate my Mondays between a 10 miler and some Yassos. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will do some core/strength training exercises. Tuesdays may also consist of a recovery 3 miles, depending on how my legs feel from Monday.

This will in turn up my monthly mileage. I'm hoping about 75 miles for December, or about 15 more miles than I ran in October and November.

I'm also loving this challenge.



What are your Thanksgiving plans?

*heading to NC for McKinney family time. Must. Get. Packing.

Favorite pie?

*pumpkin of course!

Black Friday, yes or no?

*of course! Can't wait to get out with MIL and SIL and all the crazies!


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