Happy Turkey Day Eve

I had a great low key morning with the kids.

We HIIT it up, they did some of the exercises too. They would do every other set. They were pretty funny to watch, I'm sure I was too. Ha. I'll talk about that more in the morning.

After a shower, bathes and speedy room cleanings, we met my mom for lunch at Frisch's to use up the kids Halloween coupons. I introduced Lydia to pickles.


Not sure she was a fan. But something sure had her eye. . .



You know it's officially a road trip when:




And then getting cut off with no where to go inches from the entrance to the toll booth. Very memorable. I hope they enjoy their extra 30 seconds with their family. Come on people!

Stupid Human Trick. McKinney Edition: The West Virginia to Virginia tunnel. Could you hold your breath the whole way through? Chad can. Danielle failed. It is the highlight of the drive for the kids. It is pretty cool.



What's your go to road trip snack? Sour straws and Dr. Pepper for me!

Any road trip gripes?

Everyone have a great day tomorrow with your families! Travel safe!


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