Day 3: Elf for Health

Wednesday the challenge was to find and do a new workout.

I did this HIIT video:

If you can't don't want to watch all 28 minutes, here is the Reader's Digest version: warm up- 30 seconds each of jogging in place, side step pulls, boxer shuffle, squats, and jumping jacks. HIIT portion- 20 seconds on, 10 second rest, 4 intervals each of burpees, crisscross thigh slap jumps, high knees, split jump burpees, 3 mt climbers + 1 jump squat, rocket squats, high plank jacks, 3 runner switch, and lateral hop jumps. Cool down stretches- 15 seconds each of boxer shuffle, arm circles, arm cross swings, toe touch stretch, quad stretch, calf/shoulder stretch, downward dog, hamstring stretch, inside thigh stretch, deep glute stretch, and full body stretch.

I was tired. In fact, I told my Facebook friends I may have died a little inside. I certainly was ready for a nap anyway. Too bad I had to finish up getting ready for the trip.

Will I do the HIIT workout again? Sure. I liked the workout, it kept my attention, it made me sweat. What more could I ask for? I'm thinking about adding it to my Thursday mornings. When it's not a holiday of course!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Who are you going to call today?

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