Woot! Thanksgiving break!

After a late start to the morning, I got my Morning Yoga in after I sent the kids off to school and Lydia was eating her breakfast. I instantly felt better about the day. I'm totally making this a habit!
And then I was served my morning coffee. Good thing I keep that man around. He is good to me.

Today, my mission was to clean up a little. I like to come home to a clean house. I can't help it, it's what my mamma taught me. And a clean house will try make up for it being 5* in the house when we get home. Miss Lydia had other plans for me, she finally went down for her nap at 3:13 which meant I had exactly 27 minutes to clean 3 bathrooms, hang up laundry that didn't get packed, and everything else on my to-do list. I did get the bathrooms clean anyway.

This afternoon, the kids got off the bus chatty and excited for the weekend. I could get used to this no homework business! Hello Thanksgiving Break!


I got into doing some research (read scouring YouTube) for my Elf for Health challenge. Given my busy day of the last minute things and spending some extra time with all the kids, and answering "how much longer until daddy gets home?" about 700 times, I settled on this short HIIT workout:

Have you thought about your new workout for tomorrow?


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