Day 1, Elf for Health


Check out this post on The Lean Green Bean blog, they'll explain it all.

I'm arriving late to the party. I only just saw this challenge the other day on this awesome post on Olive to Run. I'm sure she mentioned it before, but I clearly was not paying attention.

Anyway, I'm all signed up- but I missed the deadline for the 1st round. So, I'll start being an Elf in round 2. Do you see my new elf button?! Awesome possum!

The challenge for Monday was go meatless. I failed. I'll start my excuses now. 1- I didn't find the challenge until Sunday. 2- I wasn't about to go to the grocery store when we're leaving in a few days for the long weekend. 3- My mission of emptying the fridge would be compromised. 4- I wasn't sure I was going to participate until late Monday afternoon, and my pork chops were already in the crockpot.

How did you do?


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