Day 9: Elf for Health


The challenge for Tuesday was to "eat the rainbow". All day, I had that Rainbow song by Wunmi in my head. "Rainbow, rainbow. Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and vi-o-let. Rainbow"

As I thought ahead what I would eat to fulfill this challenge, I realized that except for blue, indigo, and violet- I eat the other colors daily. I also found that it was difficult to find a different food for blue, indigo, and violet (that I already had on hand of course).

Red: tomatoes

<leftovers from this yummy recipe>

Yellow: banana

<while trying to get Lydia down for a nap>

Orange: carrots

<for a snack>

Green: guacamole

<I may have eaten the whole container. . .that spicy Wholly Guacamole is just too good>

Blue: blueberries

<more snack>

Indigo: blackberries

<with Liberté blackberry greek yogurt and a little Kashi granola for crunch for a bedtime snack>

Violet: raisins

<not my favorite typically, but tasted pretty good yesterday- I had grapes in the fridge, but the rumor was they did not taste good. At all.>


It's no make-up day! Does it count if you're still wearing some from your daughters musical the night before??


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