Back to reality...

I'm pretty much still recovering from the weekend trip. Yep, I realize it's Tuesday. So sue me. I don't understand how the kiddies bounce back so quick. Could be their amazing ability to sleep for hours on end in the van.

We've hit the ground running this week, no break from the break.

Monday looked like this: up late, kids had a tough time getting moving, kids almost missed the bus, laundry, grocery, laundry, lunch, rake leaves, laundry, make blueberry muffins, make cookies, burpees, pick kids up, burpees, dinner, basketball, burpees, laundry, bathes, kids in bed, burpees, fold laundry and coffee.

Speaking of burpees, after 100 of them, I was kind of interested in how many calories I was burning. I figured it wasn't as much as I'd hoped, and I found this. Maybe I should start paying for junk food with burpees, I would pretty much stop eating junk.


Today was a little more low key, the only thing that had to get done was go to a different grocery store to get hubsters special cheese they don't always carry at the grocery we usually go to.

I did get a small workout in today. I decided not to run because I was tight from those burpees, and didn't want screaming calves like I had Friday from running 5 miles Thursday morning after my first HIIT workout Wednesday morning.

Instead, I tried out this 7 minute workout:

I liked it, but that animated guy is kinda weird. I think I'm going try one with a real person next time.

And of course yoga. I might be lost without yoga.

Madison had her 4th Grade Musical and Art Show tonight. What a great job by all the kids! I loved all the cats and landscapes posted in the hallway.

Only this one horrible pic, but don't judge- I was videoing and jungle gym for a 15 month old. Check back and I hope to post some video from the musical.

<can you find Madison?>

I'm definitely running tomorrow. It is going to be too nice of a day not to. I hope to get back into my early morning routine tomorrow (read: I hope to get up when the alarm goes off the first time), I always feel better going into the day when I take that time for myself.

Have a good Wednesday!


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