Days 6 & 7: Elf for Health


Day 6
Saturday, the challenge was to treat myself. The list of "treats" was long. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Sheetz for lunch, Anna Maria's pizza for dinner, froyo for dessert.

<stack o' froyo!>

So pretty much the whole day was a treat!


Day 7

Sunday, the challenge was 100 burpees.

Check out this video for how to do a burpee:

Since yesterday we were quite busy stuffing full our last few hours of family time with our out of town family between worship and leaving at 1 and then spending the next 8 hours driving. That run on sentence means I did my burpees today instead.

I did make it through all 100, eventually. Ok, so, 4 intervals of 25 got me through. I'll tell you what, it was hard work. And I will be feeling it tomorrow!

Who did you handwrite a note to today?


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