Another Thanksgiving in the books!

After our adventures Wednesday, I started out my Thanksgiving with a chilly 5 mile run through the neighborhood of Chad's brother's family. Not a bad run, even though it was 21* when I started. It felt good to burn off at least some of my dinner before I even ate it.

After a few servings of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, cheesy lima beans, and pumpkin corn bread, and a nap the girls headed out to shop. And came back with this:

<Black Friday stash>

After our traditional Black Friday breakfast, we hit a few more stores and then sent the guys out to search for their own bargains. The girls came back with more bags (and not just under our eyes). . .just saying :)

The little boys had some fun playing laser tag with the big boys.

<Noah waiting for their turn>

After Chad's chili and some cake, we sent the kids to bed and played a game of Rook. It takes more than 1 game to get used to 2 teams with 3 players- pretty much it was just weird. Fun, but weird.

Saturday morning cinnamon rolls were a hit! We were allotted 3 each, I certainly couldn't let my allotment go to waste :)

<Lydia enjoying her pre-cinnamon roll banana>

The morning was low key:

<Boys and their cars- whatcha gonna do?>


<grandma time>

<growing up too fast girls!>

While the guys golfed, and the rest of us spent the afternoon watching Frozen. Pretty sure it was a hit with our kids, except Lydia- she didn't see a minute of the movie. She slept the entire time! Woot!

And Lydia had a great round of Whack-A-Mole:

Pizza and froyo finished off our evening. (Really, I just want to be a cool blogger and be a froyo addict, but gelato's got my heart).
<kids + grandparents- pretend minus Todd's fingers>

Obligatory Sunday morning siblings + wife photo:


We had a great mini trip! Now it's back to reality. Or laundry anyway!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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