Elf for Health Catch-up: Days 24, 25, 26 & 27

Here it is Saturday afternoon, and I'm trying to think about everything since I last talked to you Tuesday night. It's been wild. . .not. But I don't think I've sat down except to sleep since then.

Wednesday's challenge was share your expertise. I participated in a blog swap and was paired with Laura. You can read what I shared with her readers here.


Thursday's challenge was to eat 3 food groups for every meal. Here's the honest truth: between helping out at school, making 60 creepy snowmen for 2 school parties, and a clingy grouchy baby girl that wasn't napping, I ate maybe 3 foods my entire day...nothing for breakfast. Raw cookie dough, Dr. Pepper, guacamole and tortilla chips for lunch. Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich for dinner. Top notch nutrition right there.

<said creepy snowman>


I started Friday helping out with Madison's party:

<Hot chocolate and cookies. Brilliant!>

Friday's challenge was "self-love" x6.

I love:

1. My faith. It's been there, even when I was absent.

2. My running. I sure didn't love it at first.

3. My determination. It got me through 2 years of college while I completed high school. It helped me finish college. It helped get me through c25k. It was with me during my half marathon.

4. My love. I don't have a whole army, but I love them all wholly.

5. My hair, all 5+ feet of it

6. My fingers, skinny, but not too skinny- I always heard I should have been a piano player


Today's challenge is to make a new fitness goal. Since I've started running, it was been a journey from being a couch potato to running to adding different workouts as I struggle to stay active during the winter.

I've talked about what I'm doing to meet these goals, but not really about the actual goals- so here they are:

1- be active 30 minutes, 5 days a week- run at least 3x

2- incorporate cross training, core/strength workouts in addition to running

3- try a new workout 2x per month

4- run a 1:59:59 half marathon

5- eat 75-90% clean


I hope that you all have a great few days spent with your families and loved ones. I'll see you on the for side :)


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