Elf for Health Day 14: Gratitude List

When I tried to put what I'm thankful for into words and list them out one-by-one, it was hard. I didn't want to bore you, or even list out the obvious things we're all thankful for. So, here goes nothing, in no particular order:
Sometimes it seems prayer takes a back seat in our lives as a Christian. Or it seems unimportant.
I value my alone time with God. Not just asking for his help and guidance in my relationships and my positions as wife and mother, but also thanking him for what He has given me and my family. He has truly been good to us.
1 Thessalonians 5:17, "pray without ceasing".
My hardworking hubby
<Photo credit: Happy Daisy Photography>
I love him.
He gets up Tuesday through Saturday (if I said early, I'd be lying!) and works so I can stay home with the kids. Lots of mornings, he gets up before he needs to and runs the kids to the bus, and then comes home to make me a latté. In the evenings, he often gets home from work and either helps distract Lydia so I can finish dinner, or lately quickly changes clothes and runs one of the kids to basketball practice. Nights and his days off often are spent at his computer, billing insurances, entering insurance payments, and whatever else he does to keep up with the business stuff.
My kids
Each morning, they wake up looking forward to the day. Ready to take on whatever comes their way, with a smile on their face. Every night, they go to bed, looking forward to tomorrow. They're learning how to live with each other as they each grow older, but no matter the fights and arguments during the day, they all hug and say "I love you" and mean it!
My parents

<Photo credit: Happy Daisy Photography>

For over 30 years, they have been an example to me. An example of a Christian marriage. An example of Christian parents. Truly, without their guidance and direction, I would not be who or where I am today.

My Rachel

For the past 16 or so years, she has been one of the only constants. Over half my life, ridiculous, I know.

We've spent many hours laughing at who knows what, crying about boys, studying physics, planning weddings, swapping mom notes, studying the Bible and just hanging out. In another 16 years, I imagine we'll still be doing the same- the boys we cry over will have changed to our sons, we'll be planning the weddings of our daughters, but let's be honest- I don't ever want to have to think about physics again.

This sums us up perfectly:


The Van

Had I been able to choose anything to fit our then soon to be family of 5, the van wouldn't have won. But as it turned out, money won out. As we are about to roll over 30,000 miles, it has been good to us- it has safely transported us almost 30,000 miles, including to (and back home from) Disney World, Missouri, Niagara Falls, several trips to Pennsylvania, and most recently North Carolina.

Our family vacations

These frames sit in our entryway, daily reminding us of our adventures. In 20 years, we'll have quite the collection :)


What are you thankful for?



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