Elf for Health, Day 15: Circuit Workout

Originally, I planned to run 6 miles today. It wasn't horribly cold out, and it wasn't really windy, but it was horribly dreary and I just wasn't feeling running outside today.

I started with this Pilates Abs Circuit workout:

And then after a trip to the grocery with Little Miss and some lunch, I joined a gym. There, I said it. I feel a little like a traitor. But really, I'm in the free 30 day trial period, so I haven't gone entirely to the dark side (ahem, Kris :). I had to talk the guy out of selling me a membership, because I can't commit to something for 3 years when I haven't even set foot inside. Besides that, on every single one the treadmills, the little arms that hold up your tablet were completely missing, true story. Even if i was going to commit to something for 3 years it wouldn't be that place! Yes, my decision is based soley on the broken tablet holders. I mean, I downloaded a new book and everything.

After all that, I only had time for 3 miles. Reality is, that's probably all I could have handled anyway- I think it will take me a few runs to get my groove.



How are you going to pay it forward tomorrow?


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