Elf for Health, Day 16: Pay It Forward

Yesterday, the kiddos were off school for another snow day. We took that as a reason to have a low key day. We all slept in. I warmed us up with oatmeal for breakfast. After we sent Chad off to work, I started in on our Tuesday pile 'o laundry, the kids helped out with some chores and worked on some homework before settling in for a day of coloring, Legos, Barbies, Cars, and playing with their little sister.

When I was putting dinner in the crockpot, I was reminded of the tag Madison got off of the giving tree at school. A little boy was in need of shirts.

Finally, as late afternoon approached and Lydia woke up from her nap, it occurred to me that I could (should) include the kids in my pay it forward challenge for Elf for Health. We loaded up and headed to Kohl's in search of suitable boys shirts.

The big kids each picked one, and I picked one for the baby. I took the opportunity to talk to them about the importance of sharing what we have with others. I think they enjoyed the searching, but also they enjoyed knowing the shirts weren't going to someone we knew, but a stranger. My heart was warmed :)

I hope he likes what we picked:


What healthy snack are you going to have today?

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