Elf for Health, Day 17: Pack a Healthy Snack (and one for a friend)

When I saw what the challenge for today was, I knew exactly what I was going to make.

Enter homemade granola bars, recipe found here (obviously, I subbed raisins for the chocolate chips this time). They are always a hit with the kids and adults. And are relatively healthy. I mean it's no bunch of grapes or stalk of celery, but it's also no fried cheese stick. So, yes, it's on my healthy food list :)

I wanted to get these made for an after school snack, but after Lydia's doctors appointment, I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to get some things done around the house chasing Lydia around, making sure she didn't pull the TV down on top of herself. 2 words. Wild. Person.

But we had them for dessert after dinner instead. I think this guy really liked them:


How do you plan to make time for yourself tomorrow?

How often do you make time for "me time"?

Do you feel refreshed when you come back to reality?


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