New Habits and New Workouts

I wanted to check in inbetween Elf for Health challenges on how the new schedule has been going.

Really, I'm not sure why I even bother to make a schedule, I never stick to it.

Here's how my week has gone so far:

Monday: 3 treadmill miles and Pilates Abs Circuit video

PS: don't make me laugh, my abs still hurt


Tuesday: I tried out a barre video

I will be doing this again. Especially on a rest day. I pretty much loved it.


Wednesday: I tried out a cardio and core interval video in the morning:

This was a good workout, but I didn't love it. I think I'll move it to the "30 minute maybe" playlist.

I made some pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast. I added some brown sugar and it was perfect. Granola will make it perfect-er.

Miss Lydia and I spent the rest of the morning cuddling while she took a little nap.
She had her 15 month checkup, sweet smiles even after 2 shots:
She weighs 19lb, 11oz and is 31.75 inches tall. Happy, healthy, and curious :)
Lunch was gauc and chips, you will have to imagine the yumminess. Sorry.
I just would like to say that my chicken philly sub could compete head to head with a sub shop. Maybe not, but it was so good.
And dessert:
<I wasn't really angry at it>

My plan for this morning:

A short morning yoga:


I think, I'll do this 20 minute barre video:


Maybe some abs if I have time:


And a cool down from Fitness Blender:


I'll end up with a 45 minute workout this morning and then hopefully a 3 mile run at the gym later in the evening.


Friday, it should be warm enough and the sun will be out, to get out for a short run with Lydia in the BOB as long as it isn't windy. I'll play that by ear, and can always go to the gym after dinner, but it sure would be nice to get outside again :) or maybe I'll do both. . .


Tell me how your week of workouts are going.



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