Elf for Health, day 18: You-Time

On Thursday, I started the day with a 45 minute work out. A little morning yoga, a little barre, some standing abs, and finally some cool down stretches. It felt good (as it always does) to start with quiet time to sweat and look silly.

Some one needs to make one of those funny comparisons about how I think I look when I do barre and how I actually look doing barre.

I wanted to go to the gym and run some miles. But Lydia was determined to stay up until midnight. For real. Ok, it was 10:30, but it ruined my chances of getting to the gym by 9.

After she did finally go down, I relaxed with a hot bath and pumpkin spice candle.

When I finally peeled myself out of the tub, my fingers and toes were all wrinkly- a sign of a good bath :)

Thank you Elf for Health, for reminding me to take a few minutes to just be.



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