Elf for Health: Days 19 & 20

The challenge for Friday was to run your fastest mile. In true Danielle style, my phone died at mile .46 (ahem, a Garmin anyone?). When I headed out, it was just starting to snow (again) and I had big plans of an awesome pic of the snow falling in the light from the street light. I surely wasn't going back out after I was back in the warmth. I mean, come on! Anyway, my fastest mile: 8:34ish (I'm pretty sure). Had it not been for the snow already on the ground and my tentative steps because of it, I think I could have gone faster. I think. I mean it's not a sub-4:00, but it is mine.



Then Saturday, the challenge was to purge your closet. I pretty much have been doing this since February when I started losing weight. And again when I put my summer stuff away and got out the winter. I looked through my closet and while there were things I hadn't worn in awhile, I decided that I would host my own personal "old shirt" fashion show. I'll wear said shirt again, one more time and I still decide I won't wear it, it will go then. So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to be busting out the oldies. You know over winter break when no one will see me. Ha!


Since the challenge for today is to meal plan: do you usually plan your meals or just fly by seat of your pants?

I plan, but that doesn't mean plans don't change! This week has been a bad one for sticking to the plan.


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