Elf for Health, Day 23: WALL SIT


Can I just take a minute and say ouch?

I struggled through 90 seconds of excruciating pain (dramatic much?) in between loads of laundry. This was actually only the second time I'd even done a wall sit. Ever. They are apart of the seven minute workout, that I've done all of once.

<not my best look, but it fully displays how I felt>


Barre, abs, and yoga after basketball practice.

A latte and chocolate chip cookie so I make sure not to burn too many calories :)


I'm excited about the weather for Thursday! High of 46! I'm hoping to fit in 3 miles at the bike trail in between helping at school and icing 4doz snowmen sugar cookies for the kids parties Friday. And maybe, just maybe, another 3 Friday if the rain isn't horrible. A break in winter? Yes, please!


Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an amazing guest post brought to you by Elf friend Laura over at Life of Laura. I'm super excited about what she's sharing with us!


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