Elf for Health, Day 22: Meditate

I'm feeling really sad that the Elf for Health challenges are over at the end of the week. It has been so.much.fun!

The challenge for Monday was to meditate. Typically, I like to do yoga for meditation and relaxation. My plan was to do the bedtime yoga I like after I got back from running at the gym. But, Miss Lydia had other plans- she actually went to bed early, but apparently thought it was nap time instead of bed time and was up ready to play the second I walked in from the gym. After a shower and a snack, I went to bed and layed there in the dark and quiet, clearing my mind of everything that needed to be done and everywhere I needed to go before we leave for PA Saturday. I slept better for sure. But maybe it was the 5 miles at the gym. . .



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