A new week, a new plan

Good morning, Monday :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I kicked off my Thursday with the workouts I mention at the bottom of this post.

I didn't love the short morning yoga, I like her full length one better.

I also didn't love the barre workout I tried, my kitchen chairs just aren't going to work.

The ab workout left me hoping no one made me laugh! And the cool down really brought it all together for a good finish. I will be using that video again.

And then donuts with this guy:


Because his teacher nominated him as student of the month for his classroom.


Here he is getting his certificate:

<PS: Mr. S was reading what Mrs. D wrote and said "he always makes the right choices, except at home..." And Noah didn't even flinch. I think he was scared to death to be in front of all those people (like 59 tops)


And here he is with his certificate:



Friday, Lydia and I spent the day running errands and sitting in traffic. Not awesome.

Then, pizza and Turbo.

But I did run my fastest mile :)

Pretty uneventful really.


Saturday, Noah played in his first basketball game:


And because I'm an awesome mom, I left my camera at home and the video camera died half way through his first quarter. Yep. But we did get sundaes from DQ after!


We had a low key Sunday: worshipping with our brothers and sisters. Madison went home with a friend, so we had lunch at Chipotle. We cleaned up a little. We got out the snowman dishes and put away the red Fiesta for a little while.

I went gym and ran. While running the last quarter mile of my 3 mile run at 6.9mph (whatever that means), I realized that while I liked all the new cross training I was/am doing, I did miss running. I'm hopefully going to run more this week. I'm going to pencil it in anyway.

And then we watched the Steelers beat up the Bengals. Literally. Poor Kevin Huber.


Here are my workout plans for the coming week:

Monday: yoga in the morning, 5 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday: Barre, abs and yoga

Wednesday: 3 miles outside if it's not too windy for Lydia, otherwise I'll try kickboxing in the evening

Thursday: 3 miles outside, abs and yoga in the evening

Friday: Barre in the morning, 3 miles outside in the afternoon or evening

Saturday: HIIT workout

Hopefully, this will all play out with the extremely busy week we have!


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