Basketball, an arm workout, training change, and hair. Random? Probably

I hope you guys had a grrrr-eat Saturday :)

We had a busy basketball Saturday. I had to miss Noah's game today- they both had a game at noon.

But I'm glad I was able to see both of them play their first games of the season.

Here they are this morning:


<Madison was chomping at the bit to go! She was so excited to finally have a game>

And a cute outtake with Little Sis:


Oh, I almost forgot, Madison and I started out the morning with this little arm workout (like that segway?):

I wanted to do something, but my legs were (and still are) so tired from the 4x4 workout, and squats and yesterday's run that I wanted to rest them a little so they're ready for the extra miles on Monday. First run over 3 miles since December 16th. And actually, that's not as long ago as I thought it was. So, I'm feeling a little better about it than I was.


Since I realized I'm not as far out from higher miles as I thought, I'm rethinking my training program for the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon. I was going to follow this Jeff Galloway training plan (the bottom one for a time goal) . But now I think I'm going to up my mileage a little quicker, focus on those first 10 miles- I HAVE to get them under 90 minutes to have a chance at a 2 hour half.

So here's what I'm looking at for my long runs:

January 13: 6 miles

January 20: 8 miles (on the beach, yes please :)

January 27 through March 3: 10 miles

March 10: 11 miles

March 17: 12 miles

March 24: 13 miles

March 31: 15 miles

April 7: 13 miles

Yes, that is 6 weeks in a row with 10 miles. It's a risk, but I think if I really focus on speeding up on those last 5 miles, it can pay off. My plan would be to take the first week one easy. And then each week that follows, I'll start running more miles as a tempo run, and hope I'm looking at 80-85 minutes by March 3rd- I only have to cut off 20 minutes from the last time I ran 10 miles :/ yeah, I've got some work to do!

Sorry Elizabeth!


I got distracted tonight looking for something new to do with my hair.

Here it is down:

<photo by: Happy Daisy Photography>

I wanted something new, up (to keep the kids from crawling all over it), cute, classic, easy, and not a bun.

I think I'll try this:

<photo source and tutorial found here>

I'll let you know how it goes!


How was your Saturday?

What awesome workout have you done/plan to do this weekend?

Have you made last minute training schedule changes? How did they end up working out for you?

What is your go-to hair style?

I definitely always go for the bun. Sometimes the "hoopty". Sometimes a braid.


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