Meal Plan Monday

It's a short week for us since we are heading down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend, so I have left Saturday and Sunday off of the schedule.

I had to make a menu change for lunch today since I didn't actually have chicken for chicken francese, so we had pork chops with herb dijon sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and garlic cheesey biscuits. Yum-o!


Week of January 13-19

Kids' Breakfast

Monday: blueberry muffins, banana

Tuesday: apple pie oatmeal

Wednesday: eggs & toast, orange

Thursday: granola bar, banana

Friday: pancakes with peanut butter and bananas

Kids' Packed Lunch

Monday: turkey and spinach wrap, cottage cheese and apples, popcorn, yogurt

Tuesday: peanut butter and honey bagel, apple, red pepper sticks and ranch, blueberry muffin

Wednesday: quesadillas, tortilla chips, salsa, carrots, cookie

Thursday: cream cheese and jelly bagel, apple and peanut butter, snap peas and ranch, yogurt

Friday: ham and cream cheese roll up, red pepper sticks and ranch, orange

My Lunch

Monday: leftover pork chop, biscuit, salad, apple and peanut butter, yogurt and granola

Tuesday: salad with turkey, bacon, and avocado, leftover asparagus, orange

Wednesday: taco salad, cottage cheese, apple, and granola

Thursday: turkey, bacon and avocado wrap, yogurt, orange

Friday: salad with salmon, orange


Monday: herb-butter penne with salmon, garlic cheesy biscuits, asparagus

Tuesday: cowboy quesadillas, salad

Wednesday: ham, pesto, mozzarella grilled cheese and pasta salad

Thursday: crockpot pork chops, steamed carrots, rolls

Friday: homemade pizza


What are you eating this week?


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