KY Derby Half Marathon Training: Day 1

I am happy to announce that I had a successful first day of training :)

I ran 6.2 miles in 59:10, an average of 9:33 per mile. *hello sub-60 10k*

<insert Garmin photo here (if I had one)>

I had a good comfortable training run. I ran my first 3 miles in 27:40 and the final 3.2 miles in 31:30, can we say headwind? All together now: headwind.

I did determine, however, that I need new music. Like ASAP. I've been listening to the same songs since April, and I'm pretty much done with that. For a good long while anyway.

Race day countdown:
And many more miles to go.
And I came home to a perfectly clean and organized closet. And a missing earring, courtesy of the Tornado Toddler.

<go hubs :) by the way! my side was already clean and organized>

Now, if I can get him to clean off his dresser...


I have added a Challenges page to the blog (you can go straight to it here). As I add more challenges, this will keep them all in one place.


Song suggestions? Give 'em to me!

When is your next race?

What challenge would you like to see in the months to come?


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