Let's take a moment to talk about the death of Meg Menzies. Oh, you didn't know her? Me either. She was a wife, mother of 3, avid runner.

I have struggled the last two days with what to say, not wanting to gloss over it, or (worse yet) pretend that this tragedy didn't happen. Nothing I can say will ease the pain her family feels.

You can read about her tragic death here.

From the moment I heard the news (here), it cut straight to my heart. Of course, my heart was broken for her 3 young children and her loving husband. But also, selfishly, I began thinking of my own 3 young children and how their lives would change without me to guide them. I hugged them all a little closer and a little tighter that day. I pray for Meg's family to find comfort in The Lord.

If you are planning on running or if you have the chance to run or walk on Saturday, I would urge you to consider taking part in #MegsMiles (Facebook event here). Take a mile or two to run in silence to remember the importance of running safety. Think of Meg and her grieving family. Hug your little ones close after your run. Be sure to snap a pic and post it to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #megsmiles.

The last time I checked, over 58,000 runners have joined in the virtual run. Way to go running community!


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