Winter Beach Vaca

We had a great extended weekend. At the beach. I have never been happier to see sandy beaches and clear sunny skies! Especially since it was like 11 degrees when we left Ohio.

And this beautiful sunset:


I was lucky enough to be able to get a few minutes away to run a couple times. On the beach. Without a coat. Or gloves. Or a hat.

Saturday afternoon, I ran 3 miles for Meg.


It warmed my heart in the final half mile to see someone else had written #megsmiles in the sand.

Monday morning, I ran 7.3 miles for my half marathon training run. Probably the hardest run in a long time.


Let me tell you a few secrets about running on the beach:

1. Time matters: Saturday, I started out about 2:15pm, the tide was way, way down. I had a ton of packed sand to run on the entire way. Monday, I started about 7:15. The tide was up, but there was still plenty of packed sand to run on. It was softer than Saturday's sand, so a little more work, but that's okay right? Just makes you stronger :) what I didn't consider was it would continue to creep up on me my entire run and I would run entirely out of packed sand before my planned miles were completed. I'll definitely pay more attention to the tide charts next time.

2. It is windy. Like, so windy, you ask yourself, am I even going forward?

3. It. Is. Awesome! I'm so grateful that I was able to run on the beach, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Tomorrow? Yes, please! In fact I thought running on the beach was so awesome, I'm considering the MB marathon next year. Say wha?!



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